Conditions of Skip Bin Hire and Usage of Skip Bins

  • All bin orders are to be prepaid prior to delivery with the exception of business account holders.  If a bin is booked and then cancelled, a cancellation fee of $35 may apply.
  • Do not fill the bin past the top railWe cannot transport an overloaded bin. If the bin is overloaded, the driver will try to remove the overloaded items from the skip and place them in a pile next to where the bin is. You will be charged an additional $100 plus GST for us to complete this service.
  • Overweight bins will NOT be transportedListed below are the suitable weights for each bin size.  The bin will not be transported if it exceeds the Max Weight Allowed as it is not within our Safe Working Load, and it is illegal, heavy fines and loss of points would apply to the driver. It will be the customer’s cost and responsibility to unload the skip to a safe working load, and the customer may also be liable for additional bin hire fees if they cannot unload the bin promptly.
Waste Type2m3m4m6m10m
General/Asbestos/Light Construction1 tonne1.5 tonne1.8 tonne6 tonne
Heavy Waste 4 tonne4 tonne4 tonne10 tonne
  • Do not place in the bins:
    • – Asbestos (unless asbestos bin has been ordered – see point 5 below)
    • – Tyres
    • – Chemicals
    • – Paint
    • – Batteries
    • – Food waste
    • – Contaminated soil
  • Asbestos can only be placed in the bin if it has been ordered as an asbestos skip and is lined with plastic. If asbestos is found in a skip prior to removal from a customer’s property, the skip will not be removed until properly dealt with. If asbestos is found in the skip after it has been tipped either at landfill or at a transfer station, high decontamination costs and possibly very heavy penalties may be imposed. The customer will be responsible for the payment of all costs immediately.
  • The customer is to pay Redcliffe Skips for any bins lost or stolen, whilst at the customer’s premises or under his control, at the rates invoiced by Redcliffe Skips.
  • The customer is to pay for any damages caused to bins, whilst at the customer’s premises or under his control, at the rates invoiced by Redcliffe Skips.
  • No Fires are to be lit in bins.
  • The placement, filling and pickup of bins are under the direct orders and control of the customer, and the customer indemnifies Redcliffe Skips against any loss, damage or injury as a result of the function performed.
  • The customer is to pay any extra costs, incurred by Redcliffe Skips, as a result of overloading or incorrect loading of the bin by the customer, his agent or other person(s) whilst the bin is at the customer’s premises or under his control.
  • Redcliffe Skips will not accept any responsibility for any injury to person or persons, or damage to property belonging to the customer or any other person, arising out of the use of this service, however such injury or damage was caused.
  • The customer agrees to pay Redcliffe Skips at rates invoiced by Redcliffe Skips, for any extra costs incurred as a result of Redcliffe Skips or the customer being ordered to remove the bin by a statutory or other authority.
  • The customer agrees to ensure that any bin, left unattended in a public place, is adequately covered to avoid material being dislodged, removed or blown out of the bin and will indemnify Redcliffe Skips against any legal actions, damages or costs which may occur or be granted against Redcliffe Skips.
  • The customer agrees to indemnify Redcliffe Skips against any liability for damages caused to any driveway, pavement path, kerbing or other surfaces as a result of the function performed.
  • The customer agrees to advise Redcliffe Skips of the existence of any pipe, pit, cover or underground services which may be damaged whilst performing the function and to indemnify Redcliffe Skips against any damages to same during such performance, whether or not such advice was given to Redcliffe Skips.
  • The placement of the bin to the customer’s verbal or written instructions, will constitute the customer’s acceptance of these conditions should the customer be absent from the premises at the time of delivery of the bin.
  • Skip Bins will not be placed on concrete footpath without a permit. The appropriate council permit is to be sourced by the customer.
  • Any required council permits are the responsibility of the client.
  • Redcliffe Skips retains the right to Terminate Skip Bin Hire delivery / collection.
  • Delivery Access; minimum requirements for access to place a Skip Bin is a height clearance of 5m and width of 2.6m.
  • Skip Bins are not to be moved from the delivery position and access must be maintained to allow safe collection of the bin. Failure to comply will incur an additional $100.00 call out fee plus GST. The Hirer is responsible for any costs to get the Skip Bin to a position that we can remove the Skip Bin.
  • By ordering and constituting delivery of Skip Bin Hire said hire charges will apply as per our service pre-pay policy and no refund is to be applicable to the hire period unless we are notified 48 hrs prior to delivery.
  • Refund Policy- to cancel an order we require at least 48 hrs notice. Once a Skip bin has been delivered there will be no refund. In the event we are unable to complete the order a refund will be issued to the hirer.